The Morning After – Adam Champ and Darius Ferdynand


In Men at Play’s The Morning After,” Adam Champ wakes up with a strange man in his bed. He remembers heading out the night before for a night of drinking, but he hasn’t a clue how the sexy blond guy ended up in his bed — or worse, he doesn’t remember what they did. That must have been quite the party. But the weekend is over and Champ has to head to the office, he just wants Darius Ferdynand out of his bed and on his way. After emerging from the shower in his bathrobe, Champ rebuffs Darius’ advances for another round. He tells the blond to hop in the shower and be quick about it.

Darius has different plans. After showering he heads downstairs with a towel wrapped around his waist. He finds Adam dressed in his suit and having a cup of coffee. Adam looks perturbed that Darius isn’t dressed, but he can’t help by enjoy another look at this guy’s gorgeous body. Darius snuggles up against Adam and reaches around to grope his crotch. His plan is working, Adam’s dick is stiffening. The hunk turns around and Darius reaches up for a passionate kiss, all the while massaging Adam’s bulge with his hand.

Oh fuck, the office can wait. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Adam squats and feasts on Darius’ ass, then he picks him up and sits him on the counter. It’s a much better angle to suck his meaty cock. Adam bends Darius over the counter and starts screwing him, he strips out of his clothes while pumping this beautiful ass. And again, Adam picks up Darius, but this time he holds him in his arms while bouncing him on his big dick. What a strong hunk!